GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4 Essentials – Expanding the Camera

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 in GOPR0, Product Reviews

The Hero3+ and my new Hero4 are quickly becoming my favorite cameras out of the bunch. Its just so convenient and easy to carry with you on any adventure. I’ve been using gopro cameras for my own photography for about 2 and a half years now and I feel as if I’ve mastered the camera. Now when I say mastered, I mean I know how to use it to fit my style, my needs, and my life. I know the lens, the field of view, and the controls like the back of my hand. I’ve simply used it enough times to know my way around it. With that being said, I’ve got some techniques and some essentials to share with you all about expanding the gopro camera. By no means do you need any of these accessories. They’re basically just fun camera toys in the end, but most of these will help make your content a little better than the rest of the bunch. The possibilities are endless…..lets get started.

1. LCD screen
2. Spare batteries Dual Chargers
3. Gorillapod
4. Camalapse
5. Tripod mounts
6. Camera extenders
7. Polar Pro Filters
8. KNEKT trigger
9. KNEKT dome
10. GOPOLE venture case

The LCD screen
I used to enjoy shooting blind with the gopro, but missing some key composition really made me want to invest in an LCD screen. I consider myself a photographer so framing up my shot is important to me. Not only can you see what you’re shooting, you can also see your exposure. Moving the camera changes the exposure and thus allowing you to readjust for the right shot. I only leave the LCD screen at home when I’m taking the camera to the beach.

Spare Batteries/Dual Battery Chargers
If you own a gopro, you know how horrible the batteries are. If you’re shooting all day, you’re gonna need a few spares. Wasabi sells batteries for just about every major camera out there. The best part is, they include a wall charger (which doesn’t fit the original battery) and a second battery. The newer version includes a dual charger which is just the most convenient thing ever. All for an affordable price. I own many Gopro stock batteries and wasabi batteries. Both work the same. It’s a win win in my opinion. Get some.



I use the gorillapod for just about every camera I own. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s small, light, and compact which is what it’s all about. Take it with you anywhere and get some seriously stable shots. You can also adjust the legs to wrap around branches, benches, and railings. Between this and the jaws, you’re all set.



We’ve all done timelapses but the camalapse does something so simple you’ll wish you thought of it. It’s basically an egg timer that spins the camera resulting in a moving time lapse. How cool is that?! It’s changed the way I do video. Get one. Or make your own.



Tripod Mounts
I have about 4 tripod mounts and I leave them on all my gear. Just about everything I use has a tripod socket so might as well invest in them. Of course, what you use may be different, this is just how I expand the camera.


Monopod or any form of camera extender.
This is the bread and butter of gopro shooting. Shooting from high angles and low angles gives great effect to your images. If you don’t own one, I highly suggest you do. It’s great for group shots, selfies, high angle shots, and low angle shooting. There are a lot of crappy ones out there, so make sure you invest in a good one. I recommend a monopod, or a KNEKT FPS. They’ll last you longer than most othere poles on the market.


Polar Pro Filters
these filters are a necessity to me, but it’s just another way of getting the exact shot that I want out of the camera. I have the ND filter, the Polarizer, and the Macro filter. I never use the macro filter but the other two get used quite often. If you live in a place where there’s bright and beautiful sunshine year round, I recommend getting a polarizer to capture a deeper blue sky in your images. I love the look. these kinds of filters will also help if you’re in the snow as well. It helps take away that blown/washed out look. They also sell dive filters so if that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend these guys. Check them out here.



KNEKT trigger
One of the best investments i’ve made for the camera is a trigger for one handed shots. It’s amazing how much easier it is to handle the camera when you can just point and shoot. This company is changing the game when it comes to next level accessories. They sell different triggers for different cameras so make sure you check them out if you’re interested in them here. My next accessory is my favorite of all time, and it’s from the same company.





I waited patiently for someone, anyone, to produce a product that’s affordable and functional as a gopro dome. These guys are only getting started! having a dome creates those unique 50/50 shots that let you capture below the surface of the water and what’s above it. It’s just another toy that lets me get creative in the water. Again, check them out here.




GOPOLE Venture Case
last but not least, a carrying case for all those gopro toys of ours. Ive gone the last few years without any dedicated case but I’ve recently acquired the GOPOLE venture case and it’s fantastic. It can’t carry all your gear but it can carry just about all your essentials. It feels like a quality product that will hopefully last me in the long run. Depending on where I’m headed decides what I bring in this case. It’s perfect for a little hike, traveling, and just keeping it with you in a backpack of some sort. You can check it out on amazon or from GOPOLE here.



I hope that helps you a little bit. The most important thing is that you’re out shooting and not just sitting there, starring at all your gear and taking pictures of it. Use your gear, experiment with it, and practice. The more you use it, the better you’ll get, and the faster you’ll react and notice the great shots. These Gopro’s have a lot of functions and it can get pretty confusing sometimes. You just gotta get out there and practice. Happy shootin everyone!

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