Snapshots & Memories from the Haiku Stairs – Nikon V1

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in GOPR0, Nikon V1
Snapshots & Memories from the Haiku Stairs – Nikon V1

A very good friend of mine has been asking me to hike “stairway to heaven” for the longest time. For whatever reason, on the coldest night I’ve ever experienced on Oahu, we decided to go for it. We bought head lamps from Wal Mart, packed our bags and were off. If you’re looking for directions……there are many other options on the internet for you to follow. This blog post is more for my memory and what I experienced on the morning of January 5th, 2014. A night/morning I will not soon forget. Here are some of the photos I took using my favorite little guy, the Nikon V1 with the 10mm 2.8 lens. Excellent and lightweight combo that gets the job done every time.

photo 4

photo 1

I could not believe the number of people that were on this mountain. The stairs are so narrow that there’s really nowhere to go. You could see headlamps straight up the side of the mountain and straight down. By the time we got to the top, everyone had already settled themselves into the bunker. There must have been close to 60 people at the top.


Now for the fun part. The part I will never forget. We get to the top at 5:15…..sun doesn’t rise till about 6:30ish. For some reason, we climb on top of the bunker and freeze our butts off waiting for sunrise all the while not knowing that we could have hung out behind the bunker where the wind would have been blocked. Instead, we laid on concrete, used our beanies as face masks, brought our knees to our chests, and prayed for warmth and less wind. It literally got colder by the minute. I checked the weather on my phone for Mililani Town and it was 51 degrees. Where we were, had to be in the low 40’s with that wind chill.

Sunrise finally came so I had to get my body moving for some sunrise landscapes. Pulled out my Gorillapod and attached it to a satellite dish pole to use as my support. After a few shots, we made our way down to the other platforms to get different angles (really we just wanted to get our bodies going so that we could get warm). In the end, this is what I got!




The Nikon V1 is such a great camera for hiking. Alongside the Hero3plus, you’ve got a perfect combo. The Nikon V1 lets me shoot in RAW and lets me have more control of the settings in Manual mode. Perfect for hikes and when you want to take some great landscapes but don’t want to break your back. GearHaul #2 with everything I carried on this hike will be posted soon.
I’ve been up for nearly 36 hours straight now…..stairway to heaven kicked my butt! I never ever want to do it again, but I’m extremely glad that I did it at least once in my life. That’s all for now folks….goodnight!

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